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Weis Clones: Quality Tried and Tested

We are responsible for propagating 8 clones. We have propagated 4 of our own: Riesling clones Weis 1 and Weis 21 as well as the Müller-Thurgau clone Weis 210. We have also purchased four Burgundy variety clones: Pinot Blanc clone 36 Wm*, Pinot Gris clone 63 Wm, Pinot Noir clone 82 Wm and Saint Laurent Clone Weis 2000.

*Wm = Windesheim

All of our Riesling material, from the best selling and internationally acclaimed clone Weis 21, to clones Weis 17 and Weis 1, are distinguished by their affinity for and adaptability to virtually any soil or climate suitable for the Riesling variety, their consistent level of production and, above all, their outstanding flavour complexity and typicity in the finished wine.

Important Facts About our Riesling Clones:

Weis 1:
· Intensive yellow coloring
· Loose berries
· Re-developed three times since 1961
Weis 17:
· Stability at flowering
· Shouldered clusters
· Erect shoot growth pattern
Weis 21:
· Stability at flowering
· Shouldered clusters
· Erect shoot growth pattern
· Outstanding winter hardiness
· High quality flavour development, even with higher yields
· Researched for 50 years and redeveloped four times
· Distributed to all major German wine regions and internationally in Canada, South Africa, Australia, Moldova and the Ukraine
Weis 210 (Müller-Thurgau):
· Compact clusters with round berries
· Yellow berry color
· Fruity, almost Riesling-like aromatics

Important Facts about our Burgundy clones:

36 Wm (Pinot blanc):
· Stability at flowering
· Even vegetation pattern
· Strength of stem structure
· Outstanding winter hardiness
· Excellent for sparkling base wine and dry Kabinett wines
63 Wm (Pinot gris):
· Early ripening
82 Wm (Pinot noir):
· Outstanding winter hardiness
· Early ripening
· Delicate aromatics
· Deep colour

We can also acquire other material for you, if so desire. Please contact us for more information on availability.