ST. URBANS-HOF Ökonmierat Nik Weis






This 9-hectare vineyard was created in the early 1900s after its boundaries were relaid. Some of the vines date back to that era. Countless veins of water course through the hill, ensuring that the vines never go thirsty even in the driest of years.The hill faces due south. The Devonian slate in the Wiltinger Schlangengraben shimmers with a hint of rust red, an indicator of its rich iron content. This nutrient-rich soil fosters wines of a characteristically spicy and herbaceous aroma, with notes of sweet woodruff, mint, gooseberry, grapefruit and lemon grass. Wines from the Saar are known for their acidity, elegance, vivacity and lightness. The site is beloved for its light, refreshing off-dry Kabinetts — labeled as Wiltinger "Alte Reben."